Sold and Archived Paintings

River Itchen, near Easton
oil on board 15 x 20cm
Avington House
oil on board 25 x 25cm
Kings Worthy Track
oil on board, framed 18 x 23cm



Towards South Wonston
oil on board, framed 30 x 35cm
Burnt Wood from the Ox Drove
oil on canvas 61cm x 76cm
Poppy Field, Cheesefoot Head
oil on canvas 30cm x 40cm
Runners on the South Downs Way
oil on board, framed  30cm x 20cm
View across to The Church of St Cross, Winchester
oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm
Along the Track, Kings Worthy
oil on cradled birch panel 42cm x 29.5cm
View from Stoke Charity Road, Kings Worthy 
oil on board 25cm x 20cm
Barn, South Wonston
oil on linen canvas 30cm x 40cm


Striding Edge, Helvellyn
oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm
View from Old Winchester Hill
oil on canvas 34cm x 44cm