Art classes in the Autumn…adults and older teens

I’m currently researching possible venues for some Art classes for adults. Could be in a lovely cafe setting? Or in an existing art studio? Or maybe above a pub? And I’m wondering about daytime or evenings or weekends (or all three?). I’m really keen to do some Drawing and Watercolour classes, suitable for beginners. Also planning a creative space for older teens, maybe an evening session, where they can experiment, learn techniques and be inspired by others. Any thoughts on all this much appreciated…Ta xx

6 thoughts on “Art classes in the Autumn…adults and older teens

  1. Depending on when and what time, I would be interested in the adult classes! I’ve always wanted to learn drawing techniques and to use watercolours.

  2. Hi Emma

    Try Amanda at Thrive CafĂ© near Sainsburys or otherwise the coffee man in Kings Worthy who has the roasters might be a good one too – he’s near to the hall and the foundry and is lovely and has loads of space – and coffee!

    I’m always looking for things for my children’s page so let me know about Autumn classes you’re doing for our next issue and also keep me posted on your news etc.

    If you have any Winchester work that we could use as a cover and credit you and write about you inside I’d love to see it!

  3. Hi Liz, Thanks for your helpful comments. I will definitely contact both Thrive Cafe and Coffee Roasters, really good ideas.
    And I will keep you informed about my plans for Autumn for your next issue, thanks.
    I would love to be on the cover of Winchester Magazine – I don’t think I have anything suitable at the moment but I’ll have a think about what I could do. Thanks so much!

  4. Hello

    I would be interested in art classes as i’d like to do something creative. I live in Kings Worthy and work part-time so an evening would suit best. What sort of classes are you thinking about?



  5. Hi Rachel, thanks for your interest in my art classes. I am currently researching venues for running both day and evening art classes/workshops in Kings Worthy/Winchester or nearby villages. I will be starting with some drawing and watercolour painting classes for beginners. Not sure when they will be starting but I will update my website when I have more info…

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